Sell Your House To Us & Keep Living In It

As strange as it may seem, pushy buyers can put a lot of stress on sellers who aren’t ready to move out of their house for personal reasons like finding a new place to live or waiting for a their tenant to move out.

Some buyers insist that the seller move out of the house right away. This type of buyer is typically a family relocating for work.  They have a tight timeline due to the demands of a new job and want to get their kids enrolled in the school assigned to their new neighborhood. We’ve heard of deals falling through simply because the seller wasn’t able to move out as quickly as the buyer demanded. How crazy is that?

That’s why selling your house to a professional buyer like Houndstooth Cash Buyers often makes the most sense for people with complex situations.

We are professional investors and will not be moving into your house.  We never put pressure on you to move quickly out. We can close as quickly or as slowly as your situation requires.

Need the cash right now, but also need to stay in the house a bit longer? No problem! We can close quickly and sign a “lease-back” agreement where you pay us rent to live in the house as long as you need.

Here are a few reasons sellers sometimes need more time:

  • Need to find a new place to live
  • Existing tenants living in their rental property
  • Family disputes about property inheritance
  • Middle of the school year

Regardless of your circumstances, Houndstooth Cash Buyers will work with your timeline.

Do you have a tricky situation?

Give us a call today, and let us help you find the right answer.

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