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When you sell your house, you want to know that it’s in the hands of a trusted professional. After all, there’s a lot of money at stake, as well as the emotional attachment that we develop for the places we call home. Selling your home to a cash buyer is a great option that can get you out of a pickle if you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, or just have a house that is just costing you more and more money every day.

But you don’t want to just open the phone book (do people still use those?) and call the first home buyer you see. You’ll want to dig a little and do some research to find a buyer that will work with your specific situation and will treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve– and not like another mark to make money off of. Luckily, we’ve compiled reviews of two popular Austin area homebuyers.  

Houndstooth Cash Buyers

Selling with Houndstooth Cash Buyers is an easy, simple process. You start by simply telling Houndstooth about your property via phone or online form. If your home meets the buying criteria, you’ll be contacted to set up an appointment at your property. After that meeting, you’ll be presented with a no-obligation offer. If you are satisfied with your offer, Houndstooth can close on the house in as little as seven days, and you’ll have your cash in hand. You don’t have to worry about any fees or costs associated with other buyers or listing your home on the market. It’s really that quick and easy!

One major benefit to Houndstooth Cash Buyers is that you don’t have to worry about making any costly repairs; they buy the house as-is. Even the most major issues won’t disqualify your property, which saves you valuable time, effort, and money.  

Houndstooth has a great reputation across Central Texas. They’ve helped individuals and families avoid foreclosure proceedings and sell their home when facing time crunches. You can always rest assured that with Houndstooth, your home will be in good hands. In fact, they remodel many of the houses themselves that they purchase instead of wholesaling. And when you do business with Houndstooth, you don’t have to worry about sketchy kitchen table deals. Closings always take place at a neutral third party location, like a title company.

Houndstooth Cash Buyers is a local Austin business that is planted in the community that they serve. They want to help Austin area residents find solutions to their problems and do their part to help the city grow to its full potential in the process. Here, you’ll always be treated with respect and given fair, honest offers on your property.

We Buy Houses Austin

Unlike Houndstooth, this company is part of a larger, nationwide operation that buys houses in every state through its network of real estate investors. When you initially reach out to We Buy Houses, you’ll be put in contact with someone that’s located here and has some knowledge of the area.

Once you are in contact with a local investor, the process is similar to that at Houndstooth. You’ll set up a meeting at your property and will be presented with an offer. If you choose to accept the offer, the amount of time that it takes to close will depend on your situation. However, on average, We Buy Houses closes in seven to fourteen days. If for some reason you are not located in Austin, you can complete your end of the closing from most attorney’s offices.

Like Houndstooth, you also don’t need to worry about repairs or remodels at this company. We Buy Houses will accept your home as is. However, We Buy Houses participates heavily in wholesaling, meaning that they work with those who are looking to purchase homes at large discounts when they are in need of repair. Due to the large volume of homeowners that the company deals with nationwide, properties are usually just passed on to other investors.

Houndstooth Cash Buyers vs. We Buy Houses Austin

So how do they stack up against each other? Even though both of these companies have similar processes, Houndstooth comes out on top due to their speed, expertise, and local knowledge. When you sell with Houndstooth, you know that you’re dealing with a homegrown business and not a large network of unknown investors.

Ready to sell your house with professionals that you can trust? Contact Houndstooth Cash Buyers today to get your no-obligation offer or just to learn more about our company. We’d be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you may have!

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