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Selling your house is no small task. Pile on stressful situations like the death of a loved one, foreclosure, or divorce, and you’ve got a recipe for a major headache. Luckily, there are cash buyers out there who are looking to help people out who find themselves in these difficult predicaments.

Selling your home to a cash buyer is a great option that can save you time, money, and a lot of effort. But beware! Not all cash buyers are equal. You want to make sure to do your research, read testimonials and reviews, and know that you’re doing business with a reputable professional. Not only do you want to avoid getting scammed, but you want to go with a company that will treat you with the fairness and respect that you deserve.  

You’ll find a number of Austin home buyers that’ll offer you cash for your house. Let’s take a look at how these five Austin cash home buyers stack up against each other.

Houndstooth Cash Buyers

At Houndstooth, you’ll find trustworthy professionals who have plenty of experience under their belts. You will always be treated with honesty, respect, and fairness as we work to find solutions to your individual problems.

Houndstooth makes the home buying process simple. It starts when you give us a call or fill out an online form. Within 24 hours, we’ll get back to you to set up an appointment at the property so we can gather a little more information about it. After that, you’ll be presented with a no obligation offer– if you aren’t happy with the amount, you can walk away. However, if you’re satisfied, we can close in as little as 7 days, giving you the money you need. Here at Houndstooth, we pride ourselves on being quick, efficient, and able to work with our customers’ schedules. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about any fees or commissions associated with using a real estate agent. It’s a win-win!

A lot of companies act solely as wholesalers and middlemen. However, at Houndstooth, we like to remodel and renovate many of the houses that we buy. Letting go of a house can be hard, but rest assured that it’ll be in good hands. Best of all, Houndstooth is a local business whose roots are planted in the area that they serve. You won’t be dealing with sketchy folks sitting in an office in an undisclosed city. You’ll find our office right here in the city that we love– Austin!

Austin All Cash Home Buyers

This family-owned company has been around since 2015 and, like Houndstooth, is also a local business who works from the community that they serve. Here you’ll find a home buying process similar to Houndstooth Cash Buyers, in which they can close deals in as little as seven days.

Though they do have positive reviews, there are some who claim they’ve received lowball offers. So if you find yourself doing business with Austin All Cash, you may want to call around to get offers from other places as well.

Source: Yelp.com

Express Homebuyers

Express Homebuyers has been in business since 2003 and claims to be the preferred home buying company in Austin, but their corporate offices aren’t located in Austin…or even in Texas. This team runs a nationwide home buying operation out of Virginia, and they’ve bought over 2,500 home around the country, so they do have some experience in the field.

Some customers, however, have complained that response time can be slow and that they give low offers, especially for houses that aren’t in complete disarray and in need of extensive repairs. So you if you have a house in decent condition, you might want to consider looking at other places.

      Source: Google.com

Fast Home Offer

You’ll likely see Fast Home Offer if you do a quick search of Austin home buyers, but like Express Homebuyers, this company isn’t actually based out of Austin. Though their headquarters are in Texas, they do business nationwide and have even branched out to other countries like Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Because they are a network of real estate investors, there’s really no way to see exactly who you are doing business with upfront.

According to their website, they can make an offer over the phone without even viewing the property, which is great if you’re looking to make a deal as quickly as possible. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it can be hard to make an accurate, fair offer without having a professional view the property firsthand. If you find yourself with a suspiciously low offer and no one has seen your house in person, you’ll probably want to seek out some other offers from companies with more local experience.

Texan Home Buyer

This company is based in Sugar Land, Texas outside of Houston and serves a number of cities, including Austin. Like Houndstooth, they are flexible with schedules and work with people who are in the midst of a less than optimal home selling situation. You’ll find experienced professionals here who are active in their local community.

Because they are based out of town, you may find delays and longer wait times if you’re selling a house in Austin. Closing takes place at their local title company and they are willing to have the title company come to you; however, that just adds another person to coordinate schedules and meetings with.  

Looking to sell your home for cash in Austin? Start by calling or visiting Houndstooth Cash Buyers online to get a no-obligation offer or just to learn more about our company and who we are! We are happy to answer any question you may have regarding the ins and outs of the process and give you peace of mind.  

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